SFD Memo No. 72-23 2023 Summer CBT #2





No.  72-23

May 10, 2023

FR:     Fire Chief Harold D. Scoggins 

TO:    The Fire Department

RE:    2023 SUMMER CBT #2

2023 CBT #2 Competency Based Training will be held May 16 through May 25, 2023. Make-ups, FIU, and Administrative Staff sessions will be conducted from June 27 through June 30, 2023.

This training is required for all uniformed members Captain and below as well as those Chief Officers who maintain EMT certification.

Required topics will include:

·       CBT PowerPoint found in the May Activity Scheduler Drill “2023 Summer CBT”

·       BLS-2023 – Infectious Disease (located under “EMT – Ongoing – 2023”) within EMS Online

·       BLS-2023 – Spinal Mobility Restriction (located under “EMT – Ongoing – 2023”) within EMS Online

Required pre-study will be a presentation of topics via the Activity Scheduler Drill format.

NOTE: Please use the Google Chrome browser to complete the EMS Online Module.

Members must complete and pass the required corresponding online module/test at prior to the practical skills date.

NOTE: If you are locked out of the system, send an email to Lieutenant Matthew Anderson, EMS Coordinator at or Lieutenant Ryan Ellis, B3/C8 at

The Practical Skills portion will include a trauma scenario and a medicine patient scenario.

The CBT practical skills training session will be held in the format with Companies “dispatched” to a Station. Your patient’s disposition will be related to a medical emergency.

Companies shall come to the training session with the following equipment:

·       LP1000

·       First Aid Kit and O2/Vent kit

·       Backboarding equipment

·       ESO Tablet

Completion of the pre-study material is mandated by Washington State Department of Health. Failure to complete these assignments may result in the loss of your EMT Certification, which is a condition of employment for members of Local 27.

Questions and comments regarding CBT may be directed to Lieutenant Matthew Anderson, EMS Coordinator, at (206) 386-1774 or;  Lieutenant Ryan Ellis, B3/C8, at; or to Captain Ian Bennett, Operations Training Coordinator, at (206) 386-1772 or

This Memorandum may be destroyed on December 31, 2023.


Division Heads and Station Captains shall be responsible to see that each member reviews this document and will ensure that one hard copy is printed and posted for each company.

Memorandums and Dispatches are published on the “Info/Pubs” page on the SFD Hub site.

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